VOOM Mag / Issue 03 EDITORIALS ONLY / printed


Third issue of independent VOOM Magazine, VOOM Mag Issue 03, EDITORIALS ONLY edition follows the evolution of VOOM style – the fusion of fashion, culture, art, design and science. Inspired by the sharp winter breeze, marked with light blue and millipede touch, VOOM is embarking on a sustainable journey with street fashion vintage or recycling editorials, romantic art and beauty stories and sophisticated elegance of unique youth clothing and the greatest fashion designers, discovering fresh faces and talents and their natural beauty, subcultures, skilful combination of science in fashion and masterpieces of nature. It makes its own guidance and celebrates true talents with energy, personality and strong will.

VOOM Mag 03 Issue 03, EDITORIALS ONLY edition – PRINTED – 190 pages / quality print / book version / 16 high fashion, street fashion, art, beauty editorials / worldwide content /  13 photographers / more than 30 models and talents

Sales points: Akultura, Tavčarjeva ulica 5, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Galerija Fotografija, Levstikov trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana

Photographers: Ancira adeon, Boris Schmit, Jürgen Wiesmayer, Lina L’man, Lorenzo Marcucci, Lorna Kijurko, Matthieu Dortomb, Mel Seser, Monika Bagalova, Paul van der Linde, Steven Kohlstock, Tanja Zrinski, Josh Byer