VOOM Mag / Issue 02 / digital

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Second issue of VOOM Magazine follows the evolution of VOOM style – the fusion of fashion, culture, art, design and science. Inspired by the fertility of spring, marked with red and scorpion touch, VOOM is embarking on a journey with street fashion editorials, romantic and sophisticated elegance of unique youth clothing and the greatest fashion designers, discovering fresh faces and talents, subcultures, sustainable fashion, skilful combination of science in fashion and masterpieces of nature. It makes its own guidance and celebrates true talents with energy, personality and strong will.

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VOOM Mag 02 – DIGITAL –  / quality print / book version / editorials / interviews / articles

Photographers: Alenka Slavinec, Andrej Lamut, Beatriz Conca, Christoffer Sundqvist, Denis Butorac, Josh Chang, Lina L’man, Lorna Kijurko, Miranda Legović, Nina Neverland, Patryck Lebrun, Varja Jovanović Trobec

Artists & Designers: Akultura, ArnoldoBattois, Artem Shumov, D’alpaos, EnKnapGroup, Hana Karim, Matea Benedetti, Petar Dugandžić, Zsigmond Dora